Dragonfly Silver Turquoise Rings

The symbol of the dragonfly has been featured in many art pieces from cultures around the world, from Japan (as a symbol of strength, courage, and happiness) to even the Native American tribes. Because of this, the Southwest features a lot of dragonfly silver turquoise rings as part of the Native culture. This region of the United States is still heavily rooted in Native American culture and the shines through in various forms of art and fashion. However, it’s important to understand what the dragonfly symbol means before wearing it.

About the Dragonfly Silver Turquoise Rings

In many tribes across the Southwest, the dragonfly symbol represents swiftness and activity, however, the meaning does have variations from tribe to tribe. For example, among the Navajo, the dragonfly is a symbol for pure water, so the sign may have been used to point people toward drinkable water sources.

Among the Zuni, the dragonfly was a symbol of renewal after suffering a great loss. For this reason, the symbol is featured heavily on their pottery.

Since the dragonfly carries such a powerful respect for the symbol, it was seen in much of their art and that carried over to trade with the settlers, which then broke out into a fashion style many years later.

The creation of dragonfly silver turquoise rings, primarily by Southwest and Native artists, usually involves making a silver setting in which to place turquoise stones in the shape of a dragonfly. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Some artists, that are a bit more daring, will create scenes of a dragonfly resting atop a flower with the same techniques. Regardless of the method, the turquoise stones make the dragonfly symbol stand out and give a certain glow to the piece as a whole.

Native American and Southwestern dragonfly silver turquoise rings are beautiful pieces that continue to be a popular aspect of the fashion industry, especially when made by talented artisans.

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