Eagle Silver Turquoise Rings

The eagle is one of the proudest and strongest animals and their symbol is well respected in many cultures, none more so than in Native American culture. In Native American culture, the use of symbols played an important part of their method for communication and remains a vital aspect of most Native American art, jewelry, and ceremonies today. Most tribes believe that by wearing these symbols, they embody the favorable traits represented by the figure.

About Eagle Silver Turquoise Rings

In Native culture, the eagle symbol represents conquest and personal power and believed to fuel a person’s drive for victory.

However, there are some variations with that interpretation, especially across multiple tribes. Some hold that the eagle represents wisdom and strength. However, the symbol is largely consistent with this pool of traits, all forming the concept of this noble creature.

Setting a symbol into jewelry is a unique way in which Native American keep their culture thriving today. People clamor to find and buy authentic Native American art designed by tribal artisans.

By setting symbols into jewelry, it is a commonly held belief that the wearer will be endowed with these traits as well. Eagle silver turquoise rings are the perfect gift for people that are driven and work hard at their goals to achieve something greater.

To embody the spirit of the eagle is to embody strength, wisdom, courage, and a ferocity that translates into accomplishing goals in the modern world.

In many Native American origin stories, there was a large eagle that spread its wings to create the day and closed them to bring the night. In other stories, a great eagle flapped its wings to create the wind itself.

Eagle silver turquoise rings embody this culture and history and should be treated with great respect and seen as an honor when given as a gift.

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