Navajo Silver Turquoise Rings

One of the easiest to recognize styles of the Southwest, Navajo silver turquoise rings are the perfect way to accessorize in any season. The reason people love these rings, in particular, is due to their unique proportions that create a stunning aesthetic simply by slipping on the ring.

About Navajo Silver Turquoise Rings

Navajo jewelry artisans have become masters of this style through centuries of learning, practice, and passing that knowledge to the next generation of children. Over the decades, this style has been adapted for modern styles but still carries the weight of an entire culture behind it.

One element that keeps popping up in Navajo style jewelry is the emphasis on turquoise. Although the Navajo tribe uses many stones in which to create their jewelry, one thing that remains constant is the use of large stones that greatly overpower the setting in which they are placed.

However, this style is balanced by other elements, such as the stone’s hue and the setting’s design that will usually peak from the sides of the stone to reveal a stunning pattern as well. Again, people are enamored by this design because it becomes a simple matter accentuate the piece with more subtle attire, like a simple black dress or suit.

The stone will shine through in any outfit because of its unique coloration and design. Navajo silver turquoise rings are highly prized around the country and remain a strong driving force in the styles of the American Southwest.

Some Navajo artists will even place simple Native American symbols in their rings to give it an extra dimension of intrigue, but for the most part, they will use simple patterns in the silver so the stone can be the star of the show.

When purchasing Navajo silver turquoise rings, make sure to keep these elements in mind and make sure the materials are quality sterling silver and turquoise.

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