Needlepoint Silver Turquoise Rings

In Native American culture, the concept of creating art and other jewelry to tell a story has a long-standing history within the community. Their art incorporates centuries of history through the use of patterns, symbols, and materials made from the land itself. This idea of taking a different type of medium to tell a story or recite living history is particularly true of Native American jewelry. One of the most interesting styles of Native design is needlepoint jewelry, a unique way of cutting gemstones and shaping the silver setting into a pattern.

About Needlepoint Silver Turquoise Rings

Needlepoint silver turquoise rings and other jewelry are largely contributed to the Zuni tribe. The style was first accounted for in the early 20th century and continues to be a popular style even today. The process involves carving the turquoise, or other precious gems, into fine cylindrical shaped stones and setting them into silver.

When you look at a piece of needlepoint jewelry, what you get is a simple pattern of these cut stones, usually a fan, vertical, or horizontal row that shape a nice wavy pattern in their silver settings. There are also a few variations that make this style more interesting, like the incorporation of multiple stones.

What artists usually do with needlepoint silver turquoise rings is taking the familiar shape that is associated with needlepoint and making new and inspired patterns by placing them together, either through proximity or varied coloration.

The result is truly a work of art and can be seen often in the Southwest region of the United States. The artist can choose to use as many or as little of these cut stones to make their pattern and usually, the ones with fewer stones have more intricate silver settings.

Needlepoint silver turquoise rings are a captivating art form that’s been around for decades and proves itself to be a timeless style again and again.

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