Silver Turquoise Ring

About the Silver Turquoise Ring

Native American jewelry, such as the Silver Turquoise Ring, has gained a great deal of popularity over the last few years. The great thing about Native American jewelry is the authenticity, uniqueness, and special significance in relation to their culture.

Turquoise rings hold a great deal of meaning to Native American tribes. In the past, each Native tribe had their own special kinds of jewelry. Nowadays, when you purchase items such as the Silver Turquoise Ring, you are getting an amalgam of all Native American cultures. These cultures have come together to create some truly wonderful pieces of jewelry, and the Silver Turquoise Ring is a great example.

History of the Silver Turquoise Ring

Native Americans create jewelry for personal wear, to sell, and for purposes of giving gifts. The Silver Turquoise Ring is just one example of the beautiful creativity and subtlety associated with Native jewelry.

A piece of native Jewelry is not simply a beautiful object. Each item has a cultural significance, making it all the more valuable and exotic. Most items are handmade, one of a kind objects that are created from 100% natural materials.

Since most Native cultures do not have written languages, these objects were their way of passing on a bit of culture from one generation to the next. Every piece of jewelry has tremendous cultural significance.

Silver Turquoise Ring: Natural Creations

The Silver Turquoise Ring, along with other Native jewelry, is made from materials that occur naturally. Materials such as metals, vegetal fibers, and hardwoods are used in the creation of jewelry. Gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, played an enormous role in the creation of these rings.

Even the most unexpected items, such as bones, hide, and teeth, may be used in Native jewelry. The Natives have a habit of making the most of their surroundings, which is why the Silver Turquoise Ring is such a special creation. They may not have been blessed with diamonds or other exotic gemstones, but the Natives found a way to create pieces of art nonetheless.

Uses of the Silver Turquoise Ring

If you are looking to purchase a ring, there are various online stores that sell authentic Native American products. A turquoise ring set in silver is a great engagement, wedding and anniversary present. The Silver Turquoise Ring can also be given to a close friend, a family member or someone with whom you share a special connection.

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