Zuni Silver Turquoise Rings

Beautiful clusters, multiple stones, and flawless silverwork, these are all the elements that make up the majority of Zuni silver turquoise rings. Today, people love the Zuni style because its fits in with the more modern minimalistic look that fits contemporary tastes. However, even if the style looks new they are quite old in origin, stretching back centuries to the time before settler came to the land. Each Native American tribe, especially the Zuni, have their own unique style and way of doing things.

About Zuni Silver Turquoise Rings

What really sets the Zuni apart from other tribes, when it comes to jewelry, is the way they approach size and shape. For example, one thing that the Zuni don’t like is showing the matrix of the stone. The veins of turquoise, which form naturally over millennia, are cut out and shaped into smaller stone.

The Zuni also work a lot of symbolism into their silver, but usually, stick to a simple design like the Navajo. What really set their work apart is the way in which they set their stones into the silver.

In Zuni silver turquoise rings, the use of clustered stones is a common element. While some tribes might use multiple stone, the Zuni stick to small, often orb-like clusters of many stones to feature in their jewelry.

More often than not, Zuni jewelry artisans will also incorporate different stones, like coral, into their work to give it new depth.

What you will most likely see with Zuni silver turquoise rings are intricate designs that combine silver patterns molded into the setting that harmonizes with the stones. Some patterns that could emerge from this style are silver flowers, with turquoise and coral petals, butterfly shapes, and much more.

When looking for Zuni silver turquoise rings keep these elements in mind and search for quality materials from reputable stores.

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